Murray-Bruce, “Common Sense” Senator Drops Ambition To Return to Senate



Ahead of primary election of the Peoples Democratic Party in Bayelsa State on Tuesday 02 October 2018 to pick the senatorial candidates, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has withdrawn his ambition to return to the Senate for a second term in 2019.

The senator, popularly known by his sobriquet ‘Commonsense’ Senator, abandoned his ambition to represent the Bayelsa East Senatorial District following the alleged widespread rejection of his candidature by the stakeholders of the district.

In a letter written on the eve of the senatorial primary of the PDP, Murray-Bruce said his decision to drop his ambition was due to a rotational arrangement existing among the three local governments that make up the Bayelsa East Senatorial District.

The three LGAs are Brass, Nembe and Ogbia.  Murray-Bruce is from Brass area of the district.

Murray-Bruce thanked his district for giving him the opportunity to serve.

The letter reads in full, “I thank God and the good people of Brass, Bayelsa East Senatorial District who offered me the golden opportunity four years ago to represent them and the state in the Senate, Nigeria’s highest lawmaking chamber.

“It is without a doubt that I have tried to discharge my duties as a legislator and representative of my people creditably to the best of my ability so far.

“My voice has been very loud on the issues that matter to our people and our country at all times.

“My support to our party, my people and state government is unquestionable. I am humbled that the national leadership of my party supported by the state chapter in appreciation of my efforts offered to support my reelection to the Senate to continue my service.

“I have also intensified consultations in the last couple of weeks in the course of which I have come to realize an existing local rotational arrangement of over 20 years beginning with the late Great Chief Melford Okilo, by which arrangement the Senatorial seat rotates per local government area among the three councils for four years in the Senatorial District.”

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