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Meet Our Team

Iheanacho Achugbu

Iheanacho Achugbu, Publisher/Editor

I am the founder, publisher and editor of this wonderful news blog. I take responsibility for all its contents and no other. I have tried with all passion and clear conscience to be as precise, balanced and fair in our reportage of news as I honestly see it. I hope this is appreciated by our readers. We seek to inform and educate, and even entertain were possible. Still "there is no effort without error or shortcoming", as Theodore Roosevelt puts it, but we continue to strive our utmost to serve our highly esteemed readers well.

Dominic Ojielo

Dominic Ojiele, Freelance Content Writer II

Daniel Chinelobi

Daniel Chinelobi, Freelance Sports Reporter II

Mrs A. Ndaguba

Mrs A. Ndaguba, Human Resources

Ms Oluchi Ezigbo

Ms. Oluchi Ezigbo, Accounts