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POEM: “Like A Flower I Need Peace”

I am like flower.
Vibrant, beautiful but with little power.
I cannot speak up,
To ask why people are being plucked and trampled on,
For fear of death I cower.
I am black and proud,
But in the eyes of evil people,
I am as useless as a flower.

I can be killed,
And it will not be seen as homicide.
I defend myself and I am branded a killer.
Living constantly in the shadows,
People survive the harshest weather conditions,
But can not survive the shock of a taser.
Seeing people, dead, still, lifeless and withered like flower.
We understand that, we can not fight back
We are not immune to gun powder.

Anger, fear, resentment, heartbreak and more
Keep us at bay, even when our mothers, children and wives
Are treated in an unholy manner.
We can only pray for better days,
And rain curses like snow,
To the criminals for taking our will power.
Once a while we remember our fallen soldiers,
Reminisce on advise given,
Which were to dig our roots deeper.

Pray to God our healer.
Play the fool, be wiser.
This is your tribe, do not leave it,
Or turn your back on a brother.

Peace we cry! Justice is our defender!
Just like cactus has spikes,
And bees have stings,
We want to live peacefully with each other.
To be sure that we will not get crushed and pounded to fine powder.

We shout for peace,
Raising and waving our flags, and banner.

Chinonso Achugbu
Chinonso Achugbuhttps://joliba.com.ng/rovafenivid/
Poems and short stories from the "Friendly Poet", Chinonso.

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