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POEM: “What Is Love?”

What is love?

I don’t know; what is love?
What is jealousy?
What is anger?
What is hatred?
What is envy?
What are all these emotions?
First, what is love?

They say it makes your heart skip,
Skip a beat, like butterflies in your stomach.
But isn’t it medically concerning if a beat were to skip?

They say you are happy.
Relieved, not sappy.
You write bad poems;
You change, you become less sassy.
Last I checked,
Changing something from its original recipe might get messy.

Jealousy, envy, and all of that made love stand out.
All the drama’s had the lover being jealous.
Lines like, I envy your clothes,
Because they’re more close to you than I am, we’re used.
A certain type of anger emanated from the lover,
If the loved one was a little too close with another.
Those were the types, like K dramas.

Nothing changes faster than it.
Does it mean I can fall out of love?
The one person I promised the galaxy,
Can become a stranger?
In drama’s, love seemed like a competition.

You had to have a relationship.
Well at least that’s what I figured,
Now it didn’t matter,
Enemies can now show compassion.
It looked like love had to have issues,
It looked like a job.
Probably an internship.

How do we know what love is?
Is it pure or easy as a glove?
Will it get my issues solved?

What is love?
Is it;
Bye bye, issues solved?
Expense just improved?
What is love?


Chinonso Achugbu
Chinonso Achugbuhttps://joliba.com.ng/rovafenivid/
Poems and short stories from the "Friendly Poet", Chinonso.

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