Buba Galadinma Blows Hot, Disputes President Buhari’s Integrity


A former member of APC board of trustees and now Chairman of the breakaway faction of the ruling APC, the Reformed-APC, Alhaji Buba Galadima, is disputing the touted integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Galadima was a guest alongside Senator Ayo Arise on the Channels TV breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, anchored by Chamberlain Usoh on Wednesday 26 December, 2018.

Mr. Galadima, a long-term political associate of Buhari is now an official spokesman for the PDP presidential campaign, ostensibly under the CUPP coalition which his faction entered into with PDP and 53 other political parties in July.

Reacting to a comment by Senator Arise that President Buhari has integrity to conduct a free and fair general election with or without the amended electoral bill of 2018, Buba Galadima retorted, “I can’t see any integrity whatsoever on the side of Mr. president.Which integrity? Somebody who condones corrupt people around him?

“We know of his relatives, we know of his friends who were bankrupt before 2015. We know of his relatives who take N2000 transport from us to go to Kaduna, today they are multi-billionaires. They have assets all over the world. They have estates all over the world. I can show anybody that wants to know.

“So the issue of integrity with this government is non-existent. Go to Daura GRA, all the houses that looks like you’re in Dubai or London or Beirut, are built by who? To whom does those property belong to? So, please I don’t want any APC man to talk to me about integrity.

“This should be the last time anybody that is engaging me in a debate will talk to me about integrity otherwise I will take them to the marketplace.

When asked by Chamberlain “About the role of security in election. Some accuse the PDP of laying a wrong foundation concerning how security personnel conduct themselves in elections. So, what do you say to people who may say it is payback time for the PDP?”

Galadima responded, “I have never being a member of PDP. As I speak to you I am the national chairman of the R-APC. We have an understanding to work with the cleaner and new PDP. You should ask the senator who was in the PDP when all these issues took place.

“But I want to tell you something you may not believe. The tenure of Inspector-General of Police will expire on 3rd January 2019. I assure you and I challenged whosoever that the president will renew his tenure and I want to be proved wrong.

“He will renew his tenure for no reason but because this is the Inspector-General that can help him rig the election. I challenge them let the Inspector-General of police tell us his role in 2015 when he was sent by PDP government then to the north west zone to stop certain things. I challenged him – call him and we have debate for the world to see. This Inspector-General of Police defied orders from the President (Goodluck Jonathan). He should have been dismissed outright by Mr. president (Buhari) but he was condoned simply because they want to use him for another day.

Take the military service chiefs for example, why are they been retained?  Are they the only people that are competent within the Nigerian military or the Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris the only competent police officer?

“They will deny other zones that opportunity, other zones who have leading members now in the hierarchy of the police because when he goes it is somebody from another zone that would take over. But simply the APC government which is neptoic will not allow that person to take over, they will renew and extend his (Ibrahim Idris) tenure.

“Therefore I don’t believe that the security agencies will provide a level-playing field in the forthcoming election.”

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