In Nigeria’s difficult economic times, one eastern family was just about to get lucky; loads of cash without invitation fell from the roof of the home of Chinomso Prince Egbuchere.

Initially as the money fell some thought it was “juju” – Africa’s black magic thought to be capable of springing unnatural surprises. But on closer examination, the money turned out to be the currency of the defunct Republic of Biafra – a 3-year-old republic which sort to breakaway from Nigeria as a sovereign nation between 1967-70, leading to a war, by some estimates, that cost over 3 million lives.

The money may have been left there by the patriach of the family who died, according to the video – some 7 months ago. The Biafran war ended in 1970. Keeping the currency, may have indicated a hope and aspiration on the part of the “grandfather” of the rebirth of the republic – a dream which millions of ethnic Igbos still share.

“My grandfather left the money and it fell from the ceiling. Can you imagine? How many years ago?” said Chinomso.

Another relative is heard suggesting they take a voyage into the ceiling as the fallen wad of cash may be a tip of the iceberg.

In Nigeria, the separatist demand for Biafra is still on. Several pro-Biafran organizations have sprang up since 1999 to agitate for the restoration of their once beloved republic.

Its unclear what the family or authorities will do with the currency. In Nigeria, the Biafran pound is not a legal tender, infact it could be unlawful to even be in its possession.

Watch the Instagram video below by Chinomso he tagged “Grandpa why?”

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