Tobi Amusan Cleared Of Doping Charge; To Defend Title In World Athletic Championship Saturday In Budapest


Nigerian-born world athletic sensation, Tobi Amusan, has been cleared to participate and defend her title in 2023 World Athletics Championships which begins on Saturday in Budapest, Hungary.

Amusan holds the world record in the Women 100m hurdles category running the distance in 12.12secs still unbroken world record in a semifinal run last year at Oregon, United States.

Since July this year, she has been under suspension and investigation for allegedly failing to submit herself for a doping test three times in 12 months.

But a panel of a disciplinary tribunal of the Athletics Integrity Unity (AIU) voted on Thursday to clear her.

The AIU in a statement declared it has “found that Tobi Amusan has not committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) of three Whereabouts Failures within a 12-month period”.

Before the clearance, the 26-year-old athlete had taken to her Instagram page to insist on her innocence. “I intend to fight this charge…I am a CLEAN ATHLETE, and I am regularly; (maybe more than usual) tested by the AIU – I was tested within days of my third ‘missed test.’ I have FAITH that this will be resolved in my favour and that I will be competing at the World Championships in August”.

Here is the 2023 World Athletics Championships schedule event-by-event (all times BST)

Opening ceremony 5pm Saturday 19 August

Men’s 100 metres

Preliminary round 11.35am Saturday 19 August

Heats, 6.43pm Saturday 19 August

Semi-finals, 3.35pm Sunday 20 August

Final, 6.10pm Sunday 20 August

Women’s 100m

Heats 11.10am Sunday 20 August

Semi-finals 7.35pm Monday 21 August

Final 8.50pm Monday 21 August

Men’s 200m

Heats 11.50am Wednesday 23 August

Semi-finals 7.20pm Thursday 24 August

Final 8.50pm Friday 25 August

Women’s 200m

Heats 11.05am Wednesday 23 August

Semi-finals 6.45pm Thursday 24 August

Final 8.40pm Friday 25 August

Men’s 400m

Heats 9.25am Sunday 20 August

Semi-finals 8pm Tuesday 22 August

Final 8.35pm Thursday 24 August

Women’s 400m

Heats 8.35am Sunday 20 August

Semi-finals 8.10pm Monday 21 August

Final 8.35pm Wednesday 23 August

Men’s 800m

Heats 6.20pm Tuesday 22 August

Semi-finals 7.50pm Thursday 24 August

Final 7.30pm Saturday 26 August

Women’s 800m

Heats 9.05am Wednesday 23 August

Semi-finals 7.25pm Friday 25 August

Final 7.45pm Sunday 27 August

Men’s 1500m

Heats 6.02pm Saturday 19 August

Semi-finals 4.35pm Sunday 20 August

Final 8.15pm Wednesday 23 August

Women’s 1500m

Heats 12.15pm Saturday 19 August

Semi-finals 4.05pm Sunday 20 August

Final 8.30pm Tuesday 22 August

Men’s 5,000m

Heats 6pm Thursday 24 August

Final 7.10pm Sunday 27 August

Women’s 5,000m

Heats 10.10am Wednesday 23 August

Final 7.50pm Saturday 26 August

Men’s 10,000m

Final 5.25pm Sunday 20 August

Women’s 10,000m

Final 7.55pm Saturday 19 August

Men’s marathon

6am Sunday 27 August

Women’s marathon

6am Saturday 26 August

Men’s 3,000m steeplechase

Heats 10.35am Saturday 19 August

Final 8.42pm Tuesday 22 August

Women’s 3,000m steeplechase

Heats 6.45pm Wednesday 23 August

Final 8.10pm Sunday 27 August

Women’s 100m hurdles

Heats 5.40pm Tuesday 22 August

Semi-finals 7.40pm Wednesday 23 August

Final 8.25pm Thursday 24 August

Men’s 110m hurdles

Heats 12.05pm Sunday 20 August

Semi-finals 7.05pm Monday 21 August

Final 8.40pm Monday 21 August

Men’s 400m hurdles

Heats 10.25am Sunday 20 August

Semi-finals 6.35pm Monday 21 August

Final 8.50pm Wednesday 23 August

Women’s 400m hurdles

Heats 5.50pm Monday 21 August

Semi-finals 7.25pm Tuesday 22 August

Final 8.50pm Thursday 24 August


Saturday 19 August

100m hurdles 9.35am

High jump 10.45am

Shot put 6.05pm

200m 7.30pm

Sunday 20 August

Long jump 8.50pm

Javelin 11am (Group A) & 12.05pm (Group B)

800m 5pm


Friday 25 August

100m 9.05am

Long jump 9.55am

Shot put 11.20am

High jump 5.30pm

400m 8.05pm

Saturday 26 August

110m hurdles 9.05am

Discus 10am (Group A) & 11.05am (Group B)

Pole vault 1pm

Javelin 6.05pm (Group A) & 7.10pm (Group B)

1500m 8.25pm

Men’s high jump

Qualification 9.35am Sunday 20 August

Final 6.55pm Tuesday 22 August

Women’s high jump

Qualification 9.20am Friday 25 August

Final 7.05pm Sunday 27 August

Men’s pole vault

Qualification 9.15am Wednesday 23 August

Final 6.25pm Saturday 26 August

Women’s pole vault

Qualification 5.40pm Monday 21 August

Final 6.30pm Wednesday 23 August

Men’s long jump

Qualification 10.15am Wedneesday 23 August

Final 6.30pm Thursday 24 August

Women’s long jump

Qualification 11.25am Saturday 19 August

Final 3.55pm Sunday 20 August

Men’s triple jump

Qualification Saturday 19 August, 6.35pm

Final 6.40pm Monday 21 August

Women’s triple jump

Qualification 6.10pm Wednesday 23 August

Final 8.35pm Friday 25 August

Men’s shot put

Qualification 9.30am Saturday 19 August

Final 7.35pm Saturday 19 August

Women’s shot put

Qualification 9.25am Saturday 26 August

Final 7.15pm Saturday 26 August

Men’s discus

Qualification 6.10pm (Group A) & 7.40pm (Group B) Saturday 19 August

Final 7.30pm Monday 21 August

Women’s discus

Qualification 8am (Group A) & 9.30am (Group B) Sunday 20 August

Final 7.20pm Tuesday 20 August

Men’s hammer

Qualification 11am (Group A) & 12.40pm (Group B) Saturday 19 August

Final 4.50pm Sunday 20 August

Women’s hammer

Qualification 6pm (Group A) & 7.35pm (Group B) Wednesday 23 August

Final 7.15pm Thursday 24 August

Men’s javelin

Qualification 9.10am (Group A) & 10.45am (Group B) Friday 25 August

Final 7.20pm Sunday 27 August

Women’s javelin

Qualification 9.20m (Group A) & 10.55am (Group B) Wednesday 23 August

Final 7.20pm Friday 25 August

Men’s 20km race walk

7.50am Saturday 19 August

Women’s 20km race walk

6.15am Sunday 20 August

Men’s 35km race walk

6am Thursday 24 August

Women’s 35km race walk

6am Thursday 24 August

Men’s 4x100m relay

Heats 6.30pm Friday 25 August

Final 8.40pm Saturday 26 August

Women’s 4x100m relay

Heats 7pm Friday 25 August

Final 8.50pm Saturday 26 August

Men’s 4x400m relay

Heats 6.30pm Saturday 26 August

Final 8.37pm Sunday 27 August

Women’s 4x400m relay

Heats 6.55pm Saturday 26 August

Final 8.47pm Sunday 27 August

Mixed 4x400m relay

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