Fire Outbreak From Ruptured Oil Pipelines Burn Houses And Cars In Abule Egba, Lagos


A fire caused by an oil spill has burnt cars, trucks, shops and homes at Abule Egba in Lagos.

The fire broke out around 3.30am Wednesday 19 December. Authorities say bunkerers were scooping fuel from a damaged pipeline which was illegally covered with a container when the pipeline ruptured spilling oil down the gutters and drainages.

The spilled oil quickly came into contact with inflammable materials and the resulting inferno spread.

No casualty has been recorded, but one injured person has been rushed to a hospital.

Firefighters battled to put out the fire but not before dozens of vehicles and houses were completely razed. In one instance, the fire completely destroyed cars inside a car dealer garage.

Residents of the area say they have repeatedly complained to State officials of the likelihood of this incident, which is just a repeat occurrence from a 2006 inferno in which at least a hundred persons died.

A civil defense official said a community leader has been taken in for questioning but could not provide additional details.

Police has launched investigation into the incident.

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