The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has warned that there could be high incidences of flight disruptions from cancellation and flight delays at some airports across the country as the harmattan season sets in.

A statement from NiMet yesterday said in the approaching harmattan season, sunny and hazy conditions are expected over the northern and central States and parts of southern regions with thick dust hazy conditions which could reduce horizontal visibility to less than 1000m (1km).

NiMet is also advising for careful vehicular driving and to avoid over-speeding especially during early morning hours when horizontal visibility is most impaired by fog, mist and dust haze.

“These weather conditions can increase traffic congestion or even cause accidents”.

The statement indicated that day time temperatures may rise accompanied by decreased night time temperatures resulting in cold nights.

“Dryness is anticipated due to expected reduction in humidity and cloud cover. Surface winds are also expected to be stronger especially over the northern parts. Bush burning should be avoided as the dryness and strong wind can increase fire incidences and cause severe crop damage at harvesting period.”

NiMet noted that dust haze also contributes to deterioration of air quality and “can trigger asthma and bronchitis attacks as well as cause cold, cough, catarrh, and even meningitis.”

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