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Boeing Warns Of A Possible Defect On Its 737 Max Aircrafts And Orders Airlines To Conduct Immediate Checks

Boeing has issued an urgent advisory to air operators to conduct inspections on Boeing 737 Max planes due to a potential flaw in a critical component of the aircrafts. The 737 Max –  Boeing’s top-selling airliner – has faced a series of technical issues, some of which contributed to two fatal crashes in the past.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Thursday that it is “looking for a possible loose bolt in the rudder control system,” on 737 Max planes which helps stabilize the aircraft during flight. Boeing recommended these inspections after an international operator discovered a missing nut on a bolt during routine maintenance. Another plane, not yet in service, was also identified with a nut that was not properly fit.

Boeing clarified that the issue on the specific airplane had been resolved, and the inspections are being conducted merely “out of an abundance of caution.”. The company said there were no reported incidents related to this flaw during in-service operations, and flight crews routinely check the rudder.

The inspection process involves removing an access panel and conducting a visual check, taking approximately two hours per plane. The FAA stated that it would stay in communication with Boeing and airlines during the inspections and “will consider additional action based on any further discovery of loose or missing hardware.”

The Boeing 737 Max was introduced in 2016 and is produced in large numbers. In 2018 and 2019 it faced a 20-month grounding following crashes in those years which killed about 346 persons in total. Boeing admitted the automatic flight control system had some roles in the accidents.

Despite being cleared to fly again after addressing the initial flaws, Boeing revealed in April that a manufacturing issue affecting undelivered planes had been identified.

Air Peace – Africa’s largest privately owned airline has about 13 Boeing 737 Max in its service, according to Wikipedia. The Boeing 737 remains one of choicest aircrafts among Nigerian carriers and is probably in full service now during this year’s Christmas festivities when air travel peaks in Nigeria as holidays makers join family and friends in their states of origin.

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