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More Than 50 Killed And 150 Wounded As Israel Air Strike Hits A Refugee Camp In Gaza

At least 50 persons have reportedly been killed and 150 wounded from an Israeli air strike on Tuesday which hit a refugee camp in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

Pictures of the incident show the vast devastation of buildings and people desperately searching for survivors amid the rubble.

Israel is widening its fierce ground offensive which started four days ago as it confronts Hamas fighters in street-by-street battles and inside the vast network of tunnels built by Palestinians.

Israel says it believes the 240 hostages seized by Hamas during its initial terror attack on Israel settlements on October 7 may be kept hostages in the tunnels –  complicating Israeli military engagement options. 

But Israel said no word regarding the bombing of the refugee camp whether it was in error or not. The bombing has stirred up the conscience of the world and can be a war crime under international laws.

Turkey accused Israel of a massacre.

But defiant Hamas proclaimed in a statement it just released, “The occupation is pushing its soldiers into proud Gaza, which will always be the cemetery of invaders”.

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