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13 Countries Affected By Undersea Fibre Cable Accident Ranked In Severity

Due to damage to the intercontinental subsea fibre optic cables off the coast of Ivory Coast, several West and Central Africa are currently facing a widespread internet downtime. The outage is adversely affecting millions of users and could take weeks before repairs are completed, significantly disrupting businesses and daily lives of citizens in the affected countries.

The rupture of the undersea cables led from epileptic internet connectivity to outright failure of service in some countries, drawing persistent apologies from telecom providers served by these cables.

The outage has disrupted banking and other financial and digital payment services dependent on the connectivity provided by these telecom operators via the undersea cables.

According to NETBLOCKS – a non-governmental organization that monitors cybersecurity and governance of the Internet, 13 countries are suffering internet outages by the cable cut rated in severity from High to Low, below.

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