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A “Coup Attempt” In The Republic Of Congo Has Been Foiled By The Army

A coup has been foiled in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the army announced on Sunday. It said it arrested the coupists which included some foreigners, after a shootout in Kinshasa. 

The clash involved armed men in military uniforms and guards of a close ally of President Felix Tshisekedi. Three died from the encounter.

Army spokesman Brigadier General Sylvain Ekenge said on state television that the coup attempt has been “nipped in the bud by Congolese defence and security forces,” assuring that the situation is now under control. He gave no further details.

Footage from the scene showed military lorries and heavily armed soldiers still patrolling the deserted streets, with the army maintaining that the situation was under control.

Suspected foreigners were involved in the military timpasse.

Local media initially thought the armed men were Congolese soldiers but later realized they were men loyal to self-exiled opposition leader, Christian Malanga.

Malanga later appeared on a Facebook threatening President Tshisekedi. “Felix, you’re out. We are coming for you,”he cried out. He was flanked by men in military fatigue.

Political Crisis At The Root

Mr Tshisekedi was re-elected as president in December in a chaotic vote amid calls for a revote from the opposition over what they said was a lack of transparency.

The Central African country has witnessed similar trends of disputed elections in the past.

On Friday, he met with parliamentarians and leaders of the Sacred Union of the Nation ruling coalition in an attempt to resolve the crisis seizing his party, which dominates the national assembly.

He said he would not “hesitate to dissolve the National Assembly and send everyone to new elections if these bad practices persist”.

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