Human Trafficking; Obasanjo Intervenes On Behalf of Ekweremadu In The UK


Nigeria’s ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo has intervened in the Modern Day Slavery legal ordeal faced by Nigeria’s former deputy senate President Ike Ekwerenmadu in a UK court.

Ekweremadu along with his wife Beatrice and attorney Obinna Obeta have been convicted for human trafficking and attempted organ harvesting of a vulnerable 21-year-old Nigerian boy in the UK.

Ekweremadu was trying to get a kidney transplant for her sick daughter.

Judge Jeremy Johnson pronounced the guilty verdict of the jury on March 24 but reserved sentencing to another date.

Nigerian authorities are not on record to have lent any direct support to the embattled senator.

But ex-President Obasanjo has put his heavy political capital on the line for the Ekweremadu’s.

Obasanjo writing to the clerk of the court, introduced himself as a “soldier commissioned into the British Army of the West African Frontier Force in 1958”, a retired full General of the Nigerian Army and former two-time Head of State.

Obasanjo pleaded with the court that although the deeds with which Ekweremadu was charged were “unpleasant and condemnable and can’t be tolerated in any sane or civilised society”, he hoped “for the sake of their daughter in question whose current health condition is in danger and requires an urgent medical attention, you will use your good offices to intervene and appeal to the court and the government of United Kingdom be magnanimous enough to temper justice with mercy and let punishment that may have to come to take their good character and parental instinct and care into consideration”.

Obasanjo’s Letter

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