9 Soldiers Die In U.S. Army Helicopter Crash


U.S. Army lost nine soldiers from its 101st Airborne Division Wednesday night when its two Black Hawk helicopters crashed during training in the Kentucky area.

There were five soldiers in one of the aircraft and four in the other.

The pilots were using night vision goggles.

The cause of the accident was not immediately known, but Brig. Gen. John Lubas of the Airborne Division said he hoped onboard computers in the aircraft similar to a black box could help shed light.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called the situation a “tragic loss.”

Kentucky State Police and military investigators are on the scene and have cordoned off the area.

The identities of the deceased soldiers have not been made public until the next of kin were first notified.

U.S. 101st Airborne Division fondly called “Screaming Eagles” was founded in 1942 and is the only air assault division of the U.S. Army.

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